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Combine PBX functionality with Direct Routing in Teams

Is your organisation in need of more than just external calls from Microsoft Teams? Our powerful cloud PBX platform InFinity 365 and certified Apps for Microsoft Teams will let you handle PBX functionality in Microsoft Teams with ease. Advanced functionality with ACD and Response Groups, Interactive Voice Response and Callback functionality is just a few of all features we can offer. All users handle all functionality within Microsoft Teams. One solution for all communication.


We take pride in delivering services that make communication easy. We saw a need for delivering an easier way of handling inbound calls within Microsoft Teams. We are happy to introduce the Microsoft Teams app Contacts

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Infinity 365, the cloud based PBX

Select the number of call groups, IVRs, devices according to the business needs. Create your own groups, add/remove members via the user-friendly web portal.

Change settings by group, types of group and number of groups as often as you want and without any additional costs.



Infinity 365

Challenges / Issues before transition to Teams Voice

IP-Phone solution but problems with disconnected calls and bad quality of sound during calls.

The solution and the way to it

Microsoft Teams Voice combined with mobile MEX subscriptions.

Response Groups to handle incoming calls to the customer service department.

Benefits with the new solution

Teams Voice combined with InfraCom PBX makes it easy to see when a colleague is available or busy in a call or a meeting. Cadcraft’s organization is spread around Sweden with a total of 9. Today they can handle all communication very smooth in a complete platform with Microsoft Teams.

Cad Craft

“With InfraCom’s PBX solution in MS Teams the integration with cell phones works better than our previous solution. Sound quality is good and our employees can take advantage of having all communcation & collaboration placed in one platform”

Cad Craft
Jerry Nordh
IT Manager

Challenges / Issues before transition to Teams Voice

13 sites in Europe with local telecom suppliers.
Lack of competence for Teams Voice.
Lack of management for costs related to telecom.

The solution and the way to it

Microsoft Teams Voice with focus on high availability
Proof of Concept – test of design. Workshop and adjustment of the final solution.

Benefits with the new solution

Simplicity – one supplier with expert knowledge for Microsoft Teams Voice
Easy management – easy invoicing for the complete solution
Security – complete backup with high availability between all sites


There is more than 1000 land line numbers spread across 13 different sites across Europe, where InfraCom’s system manages all technology and infrastructure. We’ve seen that the new behaviour and usage in Teams has improved our communication and we can use our resources to serve our customers instead of spending time to manage phones and subscriptions”

Rob Groenestein
Manager ICT Services